Our Team


Chuck Wallace

CEO & Co-Founder


Reid Spitz

Head of Operations & Co-Founder

Insurance Team


David Newburg

Head of Insurance Product


Adam Barnett

Head of Mid-Fleet Underwriting


John Biblis

Fleet Services Manager

Engineering Team


Tuan “cu” pham-barnes

Head of Engineering


kareem bawala

Data Solutions Architect


Nadia Elfarnawani

Sr. Software Engineer


Michael DeJesus

Data Science Intern


Tiana Schowe, cpcu

Head of Marketing and Agency Management


Alyona exum



merredith lewis

Sr. Product Manager


taha hamid

Data Science Engineer


Chris LIOW

Sr. Software Engineer


Quintin Leary

Software Engineering Intern

Our Values

  1. Innovation. HDVI exists to solve our industries’ biggest challenges in deeply innovative ways. We combine our experience and respect for established industry practices, our confidence in innovative technologies and business models, and an environment that rewards taking calculated risks to build our company.  We are stubborn on our vision but flexible in our execution.  

  2. Ownership. We think and act like owners in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable for our attitudes, actions, and their outcomes. We are action-oriented with a sense of urgency to push initiatives forward and deliver results. We value and respect our investors’ belief in us and strive to provide a great ROI on their capital.

  3. Work-Life Balance. We deliver results through focused, hard work within a flexible environment, which enables us to balance intense, effective work with a rewarding personal life.

  4. Data-Driven Decisions. We incorporate rich data into every decision we make.  We seek to use a holistic set of data from traditional and next-generation sources in innovative ways. We constantly seek input and feedback from within and outside our company in assessing information and making decisions.  

  5. Beneficial Relationships. We respect our customers, business partners, regulators, investors, fellow employees, and the broader community, and we strive to treat them fairly. We endeavor to build relationships that provide value to all involved.